The app simplifies the evaluation of microscopic images. This means that analyzes can be carried out immediately. B. possible in the outdoor area. It can also be used to evaluate objects that are so large that they cannot be placed under a microscope stage. The combination with the Zanger pocket measuring microscope is ideal here.

The app runs under the operating system for

iPhone (iOS 13+)
iPad (iOS 13+)

Main features of the TROSA measurement app:

Calibration - Customize the measurement with calibration with different scales along with magnification (cm, um, nm, in) etc.

Setting options:

Brightness - Contrast - Saturation - Hue - Tint - Warmth - Gamma - Sharpness - De-noise


Magnification and a digital ruler can be used.

The magnifying glass has a different radius and scale and can be used with a standard ruler.

Camera selection (change between all available cameras on your device) for multi-camera systems that are integrated in the smartphone.

Seamlessly switch between available camera sensors with a single tap, depending on your needs, you can choose between WideAngle, UltraWideAngle and TelePhoto sensors.

The user can save and share the measurement as an image or as a standard document in all apps or send it as a PDF document.

TROSA simplifies measurement and enables quick analysis.

Free download from iOS App Store


Easy measurement of distances

Zoom into individual details

Custom calibration possible